Trinidad James - Di$respectful (2017)

Trinidad James - Di$respectful (2017)
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[Verse: Trinidad James] Issues happen just like every day Bitches want a bigger pay Never been a tricking type of nigga so baby girl you gone have to wait Baby girl you going to have to wait [x2] Wait to get your hair did Wait to get you them titties done Buy the bitch a brand new car Grateful bitch want another one I, not the nigga bitch watch how you talk to me I'm not the nigga If we not fucking or texting please do not bother me My hair to long to go for that My dick to good to go for that They made me ask a bitch to ask a bitch who the fuck you barking at (Woof!) All my bitches forking at Pussy Snatcher biting back She is known to get you for your cash Then she get you for your cash Trinidad a wicked man Wikipedia next to dad In the dictionary next to PIMP! Encyclopedia by God! Get that nigga out your momma crib Go in stiffing your momma's ribs Giving Giving her the Boom Boom right in front of all your momma kids She give Back to me Boom Boom Boomshakalaka on a nigga dick Rollie screaming out how you doing Pinky ring screaming Hallelujah Yeezy cost a couple thousand couldn't fit em but a nigga just had to do it Who the fuck you think I am [x2] A scary nigga, scary nigga Where the fuck you think I'm from T&T to ATL I got the key to give em hell Its the deacon church ring the bells Bring my Lucci wish me well Hope you make it, hope you fail Hope you need em, Hope you beg Hope you never go Wayyy up! on a nigga Hope a nigga get Sprayyed up or they get em Cause all these niggas snitching mane And all the bitches too And all these lame niggas cool now Cause the tax scam came through And all these bitches popping now Cause they ass shots got em cute I ain't sucking with none of you niggas I ain't dealing with none of you bitches Stop expecting shit, respect my shit Disrespect my shit, I split your shit Go to jail pay the bail Get back out a realer nigga And an OG tricked with Louis Gloves Dabbing at your hoe On my move in the living room, baby daddy at the door Bust a nut out the back door he ain't even know it Your baby momma is a porn star nigga we ain't even show it (Dad! Dad!) Your baby momma is a porn star nigga we ain't even show it (Damn! Dad!)